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E&B's NATURAL WAY coordinates logistics and distribution of food products to retailers within the United States while providing full representation for the vendors and the many high quality natural and organic products they produce.

Established in 1998 and based in Frederick Maryland USA, E&B's NATURAL WAY was created by Blair and Ellie Gordon as they recognized the need for a link between vendors and retailers that offered all services to both parties. The company sources, selects and provides quality organic and natural food products to retailers in the USA. These products are unique because they have the best health benefits and nutritional value promoting "food for healthy living" as many Americans and their families choose to eat healthy.

E&B's Natural Way is also the importer and exclusive representative for many Icelandic specialty products. Iceland is portrayed as one of the purest and cleanest countries, the quality of their products without doubt is a sure reflection of this. Setting it apart from the world, Iceland has zero carbon emissions as all electricity and heating is generated by the earths abundant geothermal energy. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean and with a population of about 320,000, Iceland is a medium sized island with amazing people and geographical features. The island's geographic isolation in conjunction with strict government regulations helps Iceland produce some of the purest foods on the planet. Additional information about Iceland can be found at www.iceland.is  or www.inspiredbyiceland.com

E&B's NATURAL WAY takes great pride in the representation of all our vendors and their highest of quality products that are linked to this web site for you to view.

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